Monday, July 26, 2010

99 Things I love.....

1)My 3 children and my husband are the #1 love of my life.
2)Myself....If I didnt love myself, I would be incapable of loving anyone else or anything for that matter.
3)My I know it....this is the only LIFE I will ever HAVE...might as well be happy living and loving it while I am here...because I really want to see my son again someday....what a REWARD that will be!
4)The smell of coffee!
5)Accomplishing a new craft project.
6)Kindness and generosity.
7)A VERY HOT STEAMY shower....aaaah!! (It's like a MASSAGE for me)
8)Watching my toddler sleep at night....sometimes I just stand over him and Thank God that he is mine!
9)Being in the NOW....(because that's all there ever IS...see that moment? It's NOW. OK there it goes...that moment is in the past...My experience is that the NOW is ALWAYS fine for's the thought of what's to come and may never happen as you thought....that's where STRESS comes in.....before the NOW even happens. WATCH it sometime.)
10)Laughter....until my stomach hurts.
11)Movies that make me cry.
12)Finding a really good bargain.
14)Making a decision and sticking to it.
15)When someone is having a bad day and I'm able to put a smile on their face.
16)Reading a VERY GOOD that is hard to put down.
17)I cherish the gifts from my children....things that they made in that Jared (my son) is gone...I can look at them and remember him. (I'm making a memory box of his belongings and things of his life....that's actually going to be my next craft project...something that I could display in his room (the dining room now).
18)Taking the time to compliment someone.
19)Walking into a craft store....I'm like a child in a toy store...most of the time I am in there for more than a half hour unless I dont have the time to browse.
20)The solid trust that comes with true friendship.
21)Knowing that in the end everything will be okay.
22)Giving gifts to those I love.
23)Browsing in the book store.
24)Girl Scout Cookies.
26)Crossword puzzles and brainteasers
27)My laptop

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  1. Did someone forget how to count?
    Glad to see you posting!!