Tuesday, August 3, 2010


OK everyone...here's what's going on for me these days...........

First thing...I got a job and I'm so happy. I start tomorrow....Grand Opening at the new Giant in Springfield...cashier.

Second....my toddler has reached a new stage....TERRIBLE TWO'S...he is constantly in and out of these TERRIBLE temper tantrums....(INSANITY!) When he first started, maybe about a week ago, I just yelled and screamed at him to knock it off. That does not work AT ALL I've learned...If anything hollering makes him worse....so now I bring out my inner actress and play along with him and act like HE is not bothering me at all. I tell him that I understand he needs attention and that it's okay that he feels he needs to SCREAM. Sometimes I just hug him and I don't say a word...(when I really want to throw him out the window!)Aaah...the life of a toddler!

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  1. I remember those terrible two's all too well. It is a wonder any of us survived!!
    Congrats on the new job!!