Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Decorating

It's that time of year again....get out the Christmas decorations! I love the holidays....Christmas has always been my favorite though. It takes me a full day to decorate because I have lots of stuff. I like to decorate inside and out. I've made a few of my decorations.I've even made lots of snowflakes with and without colorful glitter. Here are a few of them:

It's a lot of fun to create new things...especially with children. Every year I pull out my decorations and I see so many things I forgot that I had made. I made this stocking for my oldest son, Jared (the third one down that says Jared Griffin)(After I made it, I thought to myself...Why did I put the last name on it?...I have no idea why, but I did and I don't feel like fixing it):

This sad little tree is now something I treasure and I will use it until it falls completely apart. This was given to Jared by his now deceased great grandmother (Gi Gi). It was Jared's first Christmas when he was in the hospital and we wanted to give him his "1st Christmas" so we did and we stuck this on his bedside table. I have put it out every year since then, and here it is 14 years later:

I like to add more to my collection every year so I try to get at least 1 new Christmas decoration, ornament or something Christmasy. Here is what I got the other day:

This will be going along my archway between the dining room and the living room.
(I actually need it because I had one that is in old condition and I wanted a brand new one with prelit lights.)

I was told by my 9 year old, Logan, that I couldn't start decorating until he came home from school, so I promised him I would wait. Right now I am just sorting through the decorations and listening to some Christmas music.

Well.....onto the decorating that'll take me into tomorrow to finish.

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