Tuesday, June 8, 2010

50 Random Things About Me:

1) I was born on August 7, 1971.
2) I have 1 sister and 3 brothers.
3)I was raised by my father since I was 12.
4) My mother left the family when my youngest brother was 2. She wanted “her life” back.
5) I have lived in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida and in Canada.
6) The schools I attended through the years were: Nether Providence Elementary School in Wallingford, PA, Strath Haven Middle School in Wallingford, PA, James Weldon Johnson Middle School in Jacksonville, FL, and Clay High School in Green Cove Springs, FL.
7)I quit school in the 12th grade…..(yeah, I know….DUMB, huh?)
8)I had a very messed up childhood….however I don’t regret any of it because I wouldn’t be in the place I’m at now with my life (I used to regret….but that was before I realized that this life experience was supposed to happen to me.)
9)I have been thin all of my life.
10)I love the 80’s
11) I am a very independent person…..I LOVE to be by myself!
12)I don’t smoke…..I can’t stand smoke…..it makes me gag. (However… I used to smoke Capri’s back when I thought it was COOL to smoke... no more cancer sticks for me thank you!)
13) I drink on occasion…..although I can’t stand beer….it has absolutely NO TASTE!
14)I have abused drugs like vicodin’s quite often….but now they get to my stomach…(probably because I’ve done so much of them)
15)I’m a crafter at heart.
16)My favorite color s are red and black.
17)My favorite Muppet is Miss Piggy.
18)My favorite singer is Madonna and my favorite groups are Def Leppard and Goo Goo Dolls.
19)I have a really bad memory…I’m blaming it on AGE….because it used to be GOOD…yet, I’m really good with people’s names and phone #’s.
20)I can’t swim…but I LOVE the water.
21)I’m scared of heights.
22)I got my driver’s license at the age of 33.…I failed the driving test 2 times, although the first time I failed the test was because the examiner was flirting with me…first he asked me for a stick of gum and then he kept smiling at me and THEN he said he wanted to pass me but he couldn’t because I did too many reverses while trying to parallel park….the second time was because I was nervous and I turned at a STOP sign without looking…..I WAS NERVOUS BECAUSE THE EXAMINER WAS ANOTHER GOOD LOOKING GUY….(NO, I didn’t learn the first time, okay)……but, didn’t I feel like an ass when he told me why I failed….I was young and na├»ve then. I passed the last time I took it (at 33) because I KNEW that I could!
23)I used to own a black cat named Midnight and a white dog named Snowball.
24)I LOVE to take a STEAMING HOT shower…I think it’s like a good MASSAGE.
25)I love comedians…I have 2 favorites… Louis CK and Mitch Hedberg.
26) My favorite shows when I was young were Dallas and Fantasy Island.
27)I think I trust people more than I should.
28)My nationality is half German and half American Indian.
29)I’ve had a lot of nicknames from people in my family growing up….my favorites have got to be horse jaws and string bean!
30)My first kiss was with my mother’s brother…he is about the same age as me…..we were ‘discovering’ ourselves…probably around the age of 11 or 12.
31)I get chills when someone rubs tissue paper, toilet paper, paper towels, etc. togther…it’s like taking your fingernails and scratching them on a chalkboard…THAT, I can take, but not the tissue thing.
32)I’ve never understood addiction, until I started drinking coffee…I drink too much!
33)I had 1 major surgery in my life and that was to remove a benign glomus tumor near my carotid artery…the tumor destroyed my hearing and my vocal cords…after surgery, I lost my hearing completely in my right ear and I lost the use of my vocal cords…so I now have a little diaphram pushing up my vocal cord to allow me to speak…although my voice is very low, therefore I cannot YELL…and sometimes it’s a b**ch!
34)I am not a morning person, ..I prefer late nights.
35)My favorite subjects in school were Math and English…and I loved spelling….always got 100% on spelling bees.
36)My worst subjects in school were science and social studies.
37)I’m not too big on sports, but if I ever had to play one, I would go for basketball because I love shooting hoops.
38)My mind wonders a lot.
39)I love to fold my laundry.
40)I love to do my dishes…however, I can’t stand when dirty dishes sit out all night….yuck… I do dishes as they get dirty.
41)I’m a camera happy person…I love to take pictures, although, not as much as I used to.
42)I often think about several things at once.
43)I love to give compliments to people to make them feel good…everyone deserves to know that they are special!
44)My favorite thriller used to be Amityville Horror until the day I saw the actual house…now, for some reason, I can’t watch that movie….it scares me.
45)It only takes me 4 hours of sleep to get all the rest that I need.
46)I don’t like to watch a lot of TV…I’d rather be doing something else….like crafting, reading or using my computer…like NOW…hubby’s watching television and I’m on my laptop…although, I do like to watch a show or movie with my hubby.
47)My favorite magazines are Real Simple and any kind of craft magazine.
48)I do like to watch one soap opera and that is All My Children…because I love Cameron Mathison and Rebecca Budig (also known as Ryan & Greenlee).
49)My hubby tells me that I look like Winona Ryder.
50)I like to read song lyrics and see how they match one of my life experiences…most of the time, they do!

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