Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Uses for Old Things....

A Twister game mat makes a spot-on tablecloth for a child’s birthday party: Sticky spills and icing wash right off.

A toothbrush’s bristles lift away stray threads of silk from fresh ears of corn quickly and efficiently.

At a party, stash ice in a colander set on top of a bucket or a bowl. Water will drain out, and guests will get only the solid stuff.

Tuck a few needles, pins, and thread into a matchbox for an instant sewing kit.

Transform a six-pack holder into a condiment tote that’s ideal for summer picnics.

Have an old cassette case hanging around? (Oh, you know you do.) Coil iPod earphones and tuck them in to keep wires uncrossed.

Forget unruly plastic bags that seemingly regenerate under your sink. An empty tissue box keeps them neatly corralled and ready for use.

A hard plastic soap case is the perfect size to protect a camera stashed in a carry-on bag.

Save a countertop with an old mouse pad turned trivet. (Make sure it has a nonplastic coating.)

No more oops! moments when painting, if you cover doorknobs and hardware with aluminum foil.

That straightening iron works on more than rambunctious hair: Use it to press between buttons, where a regular iron won’t fit.

Rubber bands give little fingers a better grip on a chilly or slippery glass.

Convert a kitchen stool into a nightstand. If your feet have given your wooden step stool a beating, give it a paint job, then wrap and secure a tutu around the seat’s edge. It’s an encore performance for an outgrown costume, and an enchanting addition to a little girl’s room.

Repurpose wine glasses as candleholders. To cast romantic shadows at the dinner table, place a scented votive candle inside and anchor it in a bed of sand or small pebbles (it makes wax cleanup a snap). These make for nice hostess gifts as well.

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