Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Glimpse of Heaven.....

For those of you reading my blog, I assume you must know that I am the mother of a special needs child, who I just lost a little over a year ago. If you would like to read about some of the details of his life, please visit his blog at http://jaredrynegriffin.blogspot.com
Our family just celebrated his life on the anniversary of his death on September 8th. Well, over the past few weeks before the 1 year anniversary, I was in a VERY dark place with myself, to the point of wanting to END the pain it was causing me and my body and friends and family and others seeing me this way. I have to say since Jared (my ANGEL) passed away, he has still made it known to me that he is still HERE. Although, I can’t see him, I can still feel him, and no matter how bad it gets to think about losing him, he always finds a way for me to find my way back to him. I call it soul to soul. Just like I believe there is a GOD and GOD does things in mysterious ways, I believe that so does the soul. In my latest VERY DARK day just recently I came across a book called The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven and I really believe that it was given to me from Jared because he knows his mom got LOST again along her path of FAITH and needed some comfort that Jared really did not just DISAPPEAR from her world……he’s STILL in it and I think that Jared knew I needed comfort from the pain and it was going to be this book that I’m reading now and a book that I recommend to those who have lost a loved one that was so precious to your heart. Its more a book on a family’s personal journey through a traumatic experience and less on details of what heaven was like. What I got from little Alex (the boy who went to heaven) was that GOD only allowed him to bring back little information and so that is the reason for the book only having so little information.
Well, the reason for my post today is to tell you of what I’m getting from reading some of this HEAVENLY material. Here’s what my HUMAN mind is getting of this thing called HEAVEN: Let me explain my theory: I think that HEAVEN is NOT a “place” because Alex explains it as “not a place….heaven is everywhere and nowhere” so that’s what my human mind is thinking because that’s all a human mind can see. You know how you can get this…..think of it like when you say something like, “AAAAAH, this is HEAVEN!” or “AAAAAH, this is paradise” or something like these words….you know it’s like you feel this HIGH, like there’s nothing like it in this world and if only you could have it like this forever……well, I really think that when your body dies and your soul goes to heaven, this feeling we all have of feeling the best EVER that you could feel here on Earth is what HEAVEN is……but ALL THE TIME (well there is no “time” in HEAVEN) I think Heaven is exactly this and since you’re not on Earth going through life experiences, you ONLY get that GOOD stuff, that feel good feeling you wish would stay FOREVER and NEVER go away…..it WON’T because your in that place called HEAVEN….and now you’ve earned your reward of passing all of GOD’s TESTS OF LIFE and you now deserve nothing but the BEST….I feel Jared is in a BETTER place and he really does DESERVE every bit of HEAVEN. He’s probably right beside me talking to an ANGEL about what his Mom has just realized. Well I hope that wasn’t what it took to get to HEAVEN…..because there is still so much I know I need to learn……especially LIFE! Thank you for reading and listening to my thoughts…..I had to get it out

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  1. It sounds like a really good book and it came to you just when you needed it. I can't imagine how difficult the first anniversary of Jared's death must have been for you. I think you are an incredibly strong person.

    Best wishes and big hugs.