Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thank You to my Blogger friend......Mel

I wanted to make this post about my blogging friend….Mel. For those of you who read my blog, you may notice there’s always a comment from Mel….so Mel….Thank you for reading my blog and commenting on each post…I just wanted to let you know that I look forward to your comments and I appreciate them. You make me laugh and you give me reason to keep up blogging. Sometimes I just ignore it but then I think of you and I come back to write more of whatever it is I feel like blogging about that day. I just felt that it was about time for a thank you.

Since I never told you about the concert (so sorry) I wanted to tell you that I was so STARSTRUCK, I did what I thought I might…I let the moment pass me by…because there were so many people there for this meet and greet, you only had a few minutes to say hello and get your picture taken with the band and everyone was standing in line waiting their turn. It was so surreal. I said, to them, something like, “It’s really great to meet you guys” and shook each of their hands and I gave Johnny (my man!) a hug and then I moved away a bit(when I shoulda stayed closer!) and took my picture with the Dolls…..but I was so MAD that I didn’t say more or grab his a** or something because I wanted to so bad but didn’t because….I don’t know, I felt disrespectful and I just DID NOT….and then I had the nerve when I came back home and looked at the photo online and said to my hubby, “I don’t like it, well NEXT TIME, I’m gonna make sure I do something!” Hello Karen this was the chance of a lifetime and you blew it!….so what….I still have this pic of him standing beside me and he has a gorgeous smile on his face and a nice bod to look at now and then!
As for the concert….they put on a great show and I loved every minute of it. Johnny is an amazing singer and I’m so glad I get to hear all of his songs. His lyrics are words I love to read! GOO GOO DOLLS ROCK MY WORLD!! Thanks again Mel!

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  1. Well, Good golly, Miss Molly, you are going to make me cry and I only do that when I am chopping onions!!

    I love reading your blog. I think you are an incredible woman - brave, strong and funny.

    I have been dying to hear about the concert. I am glad you behaved yourself, but if you ever get the chance again, grab his a**!!!