Monday, May 10, 2010 very special HERO

This is my firstborn, my very special boy, Jared. He was born with a rare muscle disease called CFTD (or) Congenital Fiber Type Disproportion. He was trach and ventilator dependent, had 16 hours of nursing. He lived 14 years with it...he passed away this past September from cardiac arrest. He was always a happy boy...truly my inspiration. He loved movies....that was what most of his life was about. His dad and I bought him a new Disney movie just about every week. He ALWAYS got excited when he saw us opening up a new movie for him. We would sometimes hold up 1 or 2 movies with his new movie and he would hit the newest movie with the back of his hand and smile. He brought so much happiness into our home. He was someone who made you realize how grateful you were just for life itself. He just needed a movie to make him happy and he was all set. It was really hard for awhile (and still is)to live without him because he meant so much...but I will be forever grateful to have been the one to take care of him while he was here on Earth. I have learned so much from him. Although he had a hard life (medically), he lived a HAPPY one. Now, he's watching over me and the rest of our family and many others I'm sure. Love ya Jared!

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