Saturday, May 29, 2010

Logan's upcoming summer break and our vacation...

So Logan is getting out of school soon for summer break. He can't wait. I can't either because he just hates school this year. There's a kid, some troublemaker, who's been bullying him all year, so he will be so glad to get away from him. I'm gonna make sure they're not in the same class next year. Logan is so happy that we are taking him out of school a week early.
Friends of ours asked us to go on vacation with them this year so we're taking them up on it. They always go around the beginning of June but they have a hard time finding people to go with them because it's so early in the year...a lot of people don't want to take their kids out of school but it's fine with us. We don't mind taking Logan out of school a little early. They have a place they rent from friends of theirs right on the's a condo and private beach...on Dewey Beach in Delaware. We're looking forward to it. We were never really able to take a family vacation because with Jared, it would have been too much. Although, we did take a family vacation in April of 2008..that was Jared's Make A Wish trip to Disney. I'm so glad he got to go before he died. That was a trip of a lifetime. Jared had a hard time flying up and back but he had such a good time while there. We stayed at Give Kids the World Village designed especially for special needs kids and their families.
We did get to vacation with our friends a year or two after Jared came home from the hospital, because we were able to get nursing coverage for 3 Eric and I got to go to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with them. It was a short vacation but it didn't matter then...anything to get away. It's been so HOT lately, so I can't wait!

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