Monday, May 17, 2010

Jared's Movie Collection

Today I'm going to blog about my son's movie collection. First of all, my husband made this shelf for Jared. He had so many DVD's that we were running out of room in their old spot. My husband also wanted something that we could see all of the movie titles where as before this shelf, we had movies behind movies and we couldnt tell what Jared had. As I said in a previous post, we bought a new movie for Jared just about every week so we knew that it was only going to get worse. Eric (my husband) started this project and I thought it was perfect for Jared's movies. At one time, we even tried putting them up alphabetically, but that didnt stay for too long. We had nurses for Jared and some of them couldnt keep up with putting them back the way they were, especially when Jared got to wanting choices of 6 or more at a time. Mr. I Know What I Have and I'm not picking until you give me more choices....that's just the little attitude my big guy had.....he couldn't speak, but boy did he know what he wanted and knew just how to show it.
Well...Jared is gone now and you want to hear something crazy I did when he first passed away....Jared was cremated after he died and I used to set his box of ashes on my dining room (which was his old room) table and turn the TV on and put one of his movies on for him just because it was his favorite thing in the world to do. I was grieving and this was how I felt close to him. Yes, I was a nutcase (and still am sometimes)!
Jared's movies are now collecting dust....unless one of my other sons feels like watching one. Well, only the 8 year old watches them here and there, my other son is just 2, so it will be awhile before he's ready to watch one.
I still stand at this shelf sometimes and fall apart but then Jared's spirit comes to rescue me by giving me something else to think about...usually it's something I should be doing at that moment or someone in the house calling my name and I walk away and forget what I was doing before. Yes, Jared has been watching over me....this I know... which is a whole new post. Come again everyone. Until next time..thanks for coming by my blog.

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  1. That is quite a movie collection and you don't sound crazy for putting in a movie for him. I probably would do the same thing.