Saturday, May 22, 2010

Journal Jar

Hi everyone. I thought it was time for another question from the old journal jar, so here it is:

What was your favorite job and your least favorite?

Well, in my whole life, I've had few jobs. The one that stands as my favorite would have to be in Griffin, Georgia. ( in my last name....Griffin) Anyway, I worked for Precise Packaging. We packaged utensils and plastic cups...both separately. It was an assembly line..everyone had their own thing to put the salt, pepper, fork, knife, spoon, and the napkin. The plastic cups were packaged at a different machine, in its own wrapper. This job was a lot of fun. I worked the overnight shift. I got the job with my friend at the time who was my ex-fiancee's sister. I was living with her because my boyfriend/fiancee cheated on me and I needed a place to stay, because I ran away from my dad, and she let me stay with her for awhile until I thought things through. I had just turned 18, and I didnt know what I wanted then. Thanks to Michelle and Bo Briscoe...they helped me out. (Just in case they may come upon this blog)I finally went back home to my dad in Florida because I realized he was my father...the only father I'll ever have and the relationship was worth saving. (I was wrong by calling the cops on him because he wouldn't let me stay with Jonathan, my ex)Oh yeah, this is supposed to be about my favorite job, isn't it. I can't help it, that job brings with it a lot of memories.
I'll have to say my least favorite job has to be when I was working at McDonald's in Green Cove Springs, Florida. It was my very first job while in high school and it sucked. It just wasn't for me...I didnt like working in the "kitchen" or the front end at the counter (and drive-through). I didn't stay there too long. After that job, I think a little later is when I moved to Georgia .
Well that's that. Come again for another journal jar question.

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